Monday, November 5, 2018

  I learned what it is to be a photographer it may take some time or a lot of time for process of developing a picture. like editing a picture You may spend a lot of time on like five that you like by checking if it is crooked or not. By using the cropping tool in the light room and changing the exposer if necessary.when taking pictures you may have to set thing up for the scene like using a light box for the lighting for an object.
(Open)I like this picture o the street sign because of the artistic edit makes it look like a painting 

(Nature) this picture would be classified under plant und nature because of the plants in the picture.

 (Nature) I like this picture because of the the field of flowers. the weakness of this is that it looks like it has been cut off at the top

(Nature) I like this picture because of the blurred Background and how it focuses on the plant. 

(Nature) I like the picture of the flowers because of the shape of the flowers.

(Nature) I like this picture of the 2 flowers because of the details in the flowers 


  1. Your photos are great. But I feel that some of them need to be a little bit more in focus.

  2. you had some good ideas on some of your photos and they are really good

  3. i like the color to the last picture its really unique.